A smart stock picking strategy

The market is now a pure-player of the physical store, apure-player of e-commerce but especially of mixed operators developing amulti-channel strategy.

Everyone, depending on the sector of activity, is lookingfor the right mix-channel. In our opinion, this balance will determine thesuccess of tomorrow.

These changes directly impact real estate needs andstrategies.

This is why we found it difficult to separate distribution,its real estate and e-commerce.


The management deployed by HOLFIDIS AM aims for performanceexcellence

The basis of our investment strategy is first and foremostoperational excellence and second only to take advantage of marketinefficiencies.

The management team applies rigorous selection techniques tobuild a concentrated portfolio of retail assets with a sustainable competitiveadvantage and a buy discount of 20% or more. Prior to this, we become convincedof the qualities of location and operational performance through the realmarket share and its evolution.

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