Holfidis is the only investor with such strong sectorspecialisation

We invest capital in assets or companies with strong localcompetitive positions or good growth prospects.

These investments are faced with a complex, changingenvironment and are located in France or the Eurozone.

In any case, we monitor and monitor each of our investmentsvery closely.

Our IRR and leverage target varies depending on theinvestment profile.

A pragmatic, partnership and transparent approach whose soleobjective is the creation of value for each of the project stakeholders.

Mastering the stakes of the assets in which we invest is aprerequisite. We analyze in depth the projects and challenges they face, theirrisk and its margins for growth and improvement.

Each investment requires specific support, adapted both tothe local market and to the structural and cyclical conditions of retail. Thisis why we dedicate a team of 2 to 3 people per project until the asset exits.

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