The Holfidis Foundation

Fondation Holfidis Asset Management

The Holfidis Asset Management Foundation aims to promote higher studies to young people coming from underprivileged areas and having passed their A levels with distinction. To reach this aim, the Holfidis foundation grants school allowances for exceptional students. It financially supports projects that encourage perseverance and school success. It also supports projects aiming to restore the prestige of technical teaching and manual work.

The foundation Management

The HOLFIDIS Asset Management Foundation collects all voluntary trustees’ and members’ contributions. HOLFIDIS Asset Management systematically and proportionally grants assistance using contributions received from its members. HOLFIDIS Asset Management dedicates up to 10% of its net results to the foundation.
A voluntary half-time secretary also helps the members of the Board of Directors in the daily management of the Foundation. Thus, the Foundation targets to have expenses for administration that don’t exceed 10%.
The Holfidis Asset Management Foundation issues receipts for tax purposes.

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