HOLFIDIS Asset Management is a specialist in Europeancommercial real estate

Created in 1998 by the current managers HOLFIDIS Asset Management develops and maintains a strong expertise in distribution, and related businesses including e-commerce and commercial real estate especially in the Eurozone.

We invest with a long-term or opportunistic vision in high-value retail assets. Our operational expertise and result culture allow usto achieve above-average rates of return.

HOLFIDIS Asset Management is a professional investor

Along side company leaders, we are committed, determined andstable shareholders. These are all key success factors in the current contextof strong change in the distribution and its environment.

Our objectives are clearly stated and shared with management and other shareholders.


Holfidis Asset Management is an independent company whose only business is agile investment and aware of the transformations of commerce,which allows us to make safe and quality investments.


Our operational origins and our investment experience allow us to understand the specificities of each situation, and to build trusting relationships with partners with whom we share the values and language of the business. ‘

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